ABA coating 

             Anti bacteria and virus coating 


Business development

Business strategy

International: By licensing 

This will include royalty fee and know how transfer. Each license should last for 3 to 6 years. ABA company can provides technical support and all PVD consumable material. 


Can do direct service or co-operate with some factories to do coating for them. 

Product development:

Design new products with anti-bacteria coating and sale directly into market. 

Application area: Door handle, buttons, hospital, toilet, table surface, kitchen, restaurant, portable electronic product, Toys, baby product, jewelry…

Marketing Co-operation 

International business model:

(A) By licensing to perform this anti-bacterial coating locally. We can provide below service:

  1. Issue patent license
  2. Know how transfer
  3. Selling machines for this anti-bacteria coating. 
  4. Engineer for the first set up
  5. Provide technical support. 

(B) OEM business for oversea customers. Factory can supply metal parts or complete products with the anti-bacterial coating. 

(C) Join venture product development by using anti-bacteria coating. We can provide:

  1. R&D service
  2. Bacteria testing report in HK
  3. Metal work design. 

(D) Component coating

Coating anti-bacterial thin film on certain parts. Example: air conditioner filter, bottle holder distil water machine, handles, buttons⋯⋯