ABA coating

             Anti bacteria and virus coating


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ABA is a Hong Kong based company with human capital from Europe and Hong Kong and key partners in China.

 Our engineers have developed a nanosilver alloy coating with unique properties of killing bacteria together with high hardness, very durable and long lasting effect.

This coating can be applied on metals as stainless steel, aluminum and its alloys, titanium and its alloys, copper and its alloys, etc…

The coating can be applied in 2D and 3D surfaces.  Our engineers will work with your company together about the best strategy for applying the coating.

The coating can be used in items like cutlery, watches, jewelry, all kind of medical equipment, kitchenware, wash machine, dish washing machine, mobile phones, door handles, elevator buttons, metal rails, metal elements in public spaces, air conditioning, heat exchangers, chillers, pen…

You have a metallic product and you are thinking how the nanosilver alloy coating can make your product unique in the market positioning over your competitors. Just send us an email and our team will follow up your case to give you the best solution for your business.