ABA coating

             Anti bacteria and virus coating


ABA Introduction

During our daily life, we always get sick due to indirectly infected by many bacteria from our surroundings, and our hands are actually the major source of bacteria spread out. For example, public area, transportation, school, hospital, public toilet.....etc are those common area being attacked by different kind of bacteria. To prevent being infected by bacteria, the best way is to kill them or control its reproduction. 

ABA anti-bacteria coating products can kill most different kind of bacteria, and able to reach to 99.99% killing function. ABA is using contact killing way to destroy the life of bacteria. When your hands contact with ABA coating surface more than 5 seconds, killing bacteria function will start immediately. ABA coated thin film is non-toxic; no chemical or alcohol; no electricity is required; does not contain allergy elements. Moreover, the coating is with high hardness, which can give a 3 years life time by normal use. This is a environmental protection product. 

ABA coating is a combination of nano technology and also PVD technology. It is not only able to kill bacteria, and able to control bacteria's reproduction ability. Besides its high hardness, it also can withstand high temperature and will not release any toxic material or gas. 

1)Why rubbing hands on ABA coating can kill bacteria. 

Silver is a very good element to kill bacteria and it has been being used in medical application for this purpose for a long time. ABA coating film contains nano silver ion which can produce a very strong positive Ion to kill bacteria. 

2)How long our hands require to contact ABA coating surface in order to kill bacteria. 

ABA is using the theory of contact killing, it is require to rub your hands against the ABA coating surface. Recommend to rub on ABA surface for not less than 5 seconds per each contact area. 

3)How ABA coating is able to stop the indirect spread out bacteria in society

Very small amount of bacteria cannot make human body get infected. It requires a certain amount of bacteria growing together to attack human body. ABA coating can continuously killing bacteria and at the same time stop its reproduction, thus bacteria cannot form a bio-film on ABA coating surface. In this way, it prevents the indirect transfer of bacteria in public area.